Vessels at a glance
• Grain mill, hopper and auger with milled grain sample port, easily adjustable roller gap, grain weigher and timer.
• Mash/lauter tun with grist hydrator and mixing valve, 2 way variable speed rotating rake arm and high-performance dimple pads. 
• Mash tun with mash agitator and high performance dimple pads. 
• Lauter tun with height adjustable rake arm and differential pressure lautering, gate valve for automatic mash discharge, bottom spray balls for automated cleaning.
• Whirlpool/Kettle with steam heated dimple pads or elements. Has circulation loop for whirlpooling and can divert back through the lauter/mash tun for crafty additions, such as whole cone hops, and can also be directed to go through the hop-back before the heat exchanger for addition of special flavours and aromas such as fresh hops and fruit.
• Wort receiver, for the storing of hot wort after lautering before going to the kettle, allowing several brews in one day.
• Kettle with steam heated dimple jackets or electric elements. Designed for optimised rolling boil and for removal of unwanted volatiles.
• Whirlpool designed for maximum collection and sedimentation of hot break and quick wort removal utilising a three-point draw off system.
• CLE Brew Systems vessels are insulated with a fully welded and polished outside cladding for perfect visual appearance. 
• The base frame of the brew systems holds all related pumps, valves and components as well as electrical box’s. Manual valves are conveniently operated from the front side. The frame functions also as an operator platform including stairs and railing. 
• Durable, food-grade and connective
• Stainless steel material in a suitable grade for durability and hygienic conditions. 
• Base frame AISI 304, brewing vessels AISI 304 and special grades for heated zones. 
• Electrics are contained in stainless steel piping and conduit to look like part of the brew system.
Efficient brewing starts with great milling. The design of CLE Brew Systems mills have been proven to help you get the most out of your grain by using optimized milled spiral fluting patterns on the rollers, with an easily adjustable roller gap to provide for different grain types. This ensures that the grain husk is conserved along with the optimal grinding of the endosperm. Our milling systems will help you get the most out of your grain by using technology to optimise sugar extraction from the grain, while maintaining the integrity of the grain husk for efficient lautering.
Performance for Efficiency
We can fulfill all of your milling requirements through our unique and customised design of milling equipment, from fully automated sequencing and monitoring to gravity fed grist from the mill to the mash tun. 
Effective milling improves the extraction yield from the grain, increasing the efficiency of the milling process so you get more out of your grain. By adjusting the gap between the rollers you can optimise the crush of the different types of grains, such as using a larger roller gap for the more brittle crystal malts.
Consistently Great Beer
Great beer starts from using the freshest ingredients and the best equipment for these ingredients. CLE Brew Systems can provide you with excellent equipment that will give you high quality worts, from customised rollers to efficient grist hydrators. Our mills will crush the grain in such a way to ensure optimal extraction and subsequent leaching of the wort from the grain in the lauter.
CLE Brew Systems’ mills are ideal for providing high quality crushed grain with the flexibility of changing the crush type for the different types of malts. Thanks to our unique engineering, our mills will help you get the most out of your grains by providing the perfect shearing technology  that maximises the surface area of the endosperm for better sugar extraction without compromising the husk.
What makes our mills so great?
• Hygienic design for easy cleaning and non-contaminating.
• Grain weight recording in grain hopper
• Grain mill timer
• Optimized grist hydrator spray geometry to avoid mash balling and flotation
• Grain feed to mill speed control
• Precise and easy adjustment of the roller crushing gap
• Automatic start-up and shut-down in sequence of milling equipment, from grain hopper to grist auger.
• Dust free
Gentle and Efficient
The quality of the mash is affected by many process parameters of the mash tun. Temperature, agitator design, speed and vessel wall temp all affect the biochemical and physical reactions of the mash and these reactions determine the mash quality and the end character of the finished beer.
Pure Innovative Engineering
The mashing process may seem simple, but there is a lot of important things going on in the mash tun that you cannot see. The impact of these factors on the conversions happening in the mash tun have considerable importance when designing a mash vessel and must be taken into consideration. When designing our mash tuns we make sure they have all the necessary features to meet optimal mash conversion requirements. This starts with equal temperature distribution in the mash, especially as it is hotter near the sides of the vessel. We specially engineer an efficient mash mixer with low shear capabilities along with efficient dimple pads to help with uniform heat distribution and transfer throughout the mash. 
We used specially designed pumps for mash transfer from the lauter tun to minimise shear forces and the breaking up of particles, all which affect lautering efficiency. 
Your malt is one of the most expensive ingredients in the brewing process, so it is important that you get the most efficient use out of it. With a CLE Brew Systems lauter we will help you minimise your lauter time, maximise wort extraction and minimise cleaning times. 
Our lauter tun design is based on integrated lautering technology with expert skills in stainless steel fabrication, such as optimised wort draw off points, highly efficient raking machine  with mash discharge sweeper arm, maximised surface area of the wedge wire screen, plus automation of rake system which can include lowering and raising of the rake arm in response to differential pressure changes.
To assist with consistently clear and great quality wort, all of our lauter tuns contain a sight glass after the collection ports so that you can visually see the clarity of the wort before diverting to the kettle. This minimises recirculation times and helps with the reproducibility of recipes.
Optimised Extraction for Maximum Yeilds
Our lauter design is based on maximising sugar extraction while minimising the leaching of unwanted products from the grain. To help with this we mount our raking system on the top of the vessel which allows for a greater surface area and a more uniform filter screen. Wort run off channel placement is designed for uniform wort runoff and equal bed pressure. Our rakes consist of both cutting and lifting knives as well as bent knives for maximised mash mixing with minimised damage to the grain husk.
Treatment of the wort obtained after lautering has a major influence on the final beer quality. The wort is boiled which enables many physical reactions to occur, such as the formation of hot break, removal of organisms and unwanted flavour compounds are boiled off, the hot temperature is required for the conversion of hops components so that they are dissolvable in to the wort. 
Efficient boiling technology
CLE brew systems kettles utilize strategically placed steam dimple pads or elements that provide a great rolling boil in your kettle which is needed to produce the required physical chemical reactions in the wort and to also get the best utilization out of your hops. 
We have had many reports on caramelisation reactions on the high temperature elements in direct contact with the wort imparting the beer with a great and unique flavour. 
Our kettle will give you the right amount of evaporation each time. With CLE wort boiling technology you can be satisfied your wort will get the best hot side treatment possible. 
After wort boiling, the wort is circulated around the vessel, to assist in hot break removal. The whirlpool has a base design that is optimized for solid (hot trub) deposition and removal from the hot wort. The whirlpool effect is well known to remove the solids from a liquid and CLE brew systems used applied engineering technology to achieve this to its full potential taking into account person vessel design preferences, such as height limits and kettle/whirlpool combination vessels.
The whirlpool effect is well known to remove the solids from a liquid and CLE brew systems used applied engineering technology to achieve this to its full potential taking into account person vessel design preferences, such as height limits and kettle whirlpool combination vessels.
CLE Brew Systems whirlpools compromise technology that is based around the relationship between fluid dynamics and the properties of hot wort. When designing a whirlpool, CLE Brew
Systems takes into account these relationships, as well as vessel design considerations and the wort inlet and outlet geometry, as well as the arrangement of the wort outlets. By taking these into account, this means that our whirlpools help  you create a really compact trub cone in the centre of the whirpool and this can be replicated time and time again with maximized hot wort recovery.. 
Wort cooling
Fast wort cooling is crucial after whirlpooling as that is when potential microbial infection is high. A high quality and easy to clean heat exchanger is crucial for fast and efficient wort cooling.
Power saving wort cooling
Not only is our heat exchanger one of the best, its cools your wort fast and efficiently while also providing you with hot water for your next brew and cleaning. 
Power saving and single-stage cooling
With our pre-heat exchanger filter you no longer have to worry about your heat exchanger having particulates collect on the walls and making the exchange of heat between your hot wort and cool water less efficient. 
Cold water is set to 1 deg C so that the wort is cooled with only one pass through the heat exchanger and wort cooling time is kept to a minimum.
All of our fermenters are design verified and comply with all relevant codes and regulations. Our fermenter design also features an unique adjustable racking arm that can change the position of the draw off point in your tank, sight glass on the end of the racking arm to analyze the clarity of the wort at the bottom of the cone, stainless steel fermenter bubblers for one-way hygienic gas release.
• Material: AISI 304 grade stainless steel
• Four Legs with adjustable feet
• Two zone cooling jacket (side + cone) with insulation
• Sixty degree  bottom cone
• All necessary butterfly valves
• Sample tap
• Temp Probe port
• Carbonation stone port
• Pressure gauge
• Rated working pressure 200kPa
• AS1210 Class C safety compliant
• Side manway door
• Top mounted 150mm DIN access port
• 50mm CIP line and spray ball
• Burkett glycol solenoid valve and isolation valving
CLE Brew Systems can offer you a range of conditioning and brite beer tanks for all of your maturation requirements, from external jacketed and glycol cooled conditioning tanks for getting low lagering temperatures to single skinned brite beer serving tanks. Being able to get your beer to the right temperature is very important and with CLE Brew Systems’ vessels you will be able to do just that.
• Material: AISI 304 grade stainless steel
• Four Legs with adjustable feet
• All necessary butterfly valves
• Carbonation stone
• Sample tap
• Pressure gauge
• Rated working pressure 230kPa
• Design registered with Work Cover to AS1210, hazard level ”B”
• Side manway door
Recoverable, portable and efficient cleaning system.
We know the importance of a great cleaning set up, especially one that guarantees no contamination of the product, is easy to use around the brewery, and cleaning product is contained and can be recovered. We will personally customise and make your own CIP system, from a complete portable CIP unit to a fixed vessel, taking into account environmental considerations and your own cleaning regime.
Detergent costs, water consumption and waste water requirements, as well as the brewing and cleaning procedures themselves can impact the cleaning regimes for the brew system. Cleaning of the brew system and tanks is done by the use of strategically placed spray balls. Cleaning solution can then be circulated around the tank for a full clean. This gives you consistently clean tanks and pipe work and ensures a high quality product. 
Some of the things we take into account when designing and planning a brew system are:
• optimum and unique piping concepts, which focuses on flavour stability during transfer.
• Designed for ease of access 
• pre-piped brew house for fast and easy installation. 
• minimal product stress and losses during transfer
• low maintenance
• incorporation into existing brewery processes
• optimised valve placement
We custom design and fabricate unique keg washer/fillers for your individual requirements. Our keg washer/fillers save time and money while guaranteeing your product integrity, including automated 5 minute wash, sterilise and fill cycles.
• one person operation
• easy to use
• protects the unique flavours in your beer
• no product wastage
These have been proven to last for 1,000’s of cycles and just keep going perfectly every time.
CLE Brew Systems has over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of brewery equipment and has supplied many keg washers to craft breweries around NZ and Australia. Our goal is to provide you with long lasting, high quality equipment that will ensure all of your kegs are washed and filled to the highest standards, helping you meet your product quality standards.
CLE Brew Systems keg washer/fillers are unique in that not only are they are customized to our clients requirements, the manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance are all carried out by CLE Brew Systems.
Our Automatic Keg Washer/Filler:
• Gives you 100% certainty of keg cleanliness
• Decrease the time staff spend on washing and filling kegs
• Savings on energy, water, chemicals and labour
• Automatic quality control over keg washing and filling cycles gives you complete efficiency and product integrity every single time.
• No waste of product
• No chance of product contamination
• Substantial CO2 saving
• Easy to use
• Requires minimal maintenance