CLE Brew Systems provides the expertise needed to ensure the success of a new and ongoing brewery operation.
From brewery layout design, dimensions and equipment placement, to complete beer dispensing systems and customised bar fonts, CLE Brew Systems will design your brewery to suit all of your requirements.
CLE Brew systems Chris Little project manages the whole brewery project from start to finish as he is the expert in all things to do with brew system planning and design. Chris also deals with all of the specialised work on the brew systems that make CLE Brew Systems very special, such as using his skills to make up customised bar fonts, fermenter bubblers, keg washers and rake arm and blades.
CLE Brew Systems will design the layout of the brew house operations in terms of optimised space utilisation and required brewhouse processes. Lighting is an important factor in help making your brew system stand out and look like the masterpiece it is. We can also help you choose the correct materials for the rest of the brewhouse building, such as floor type, drainage and refrigeration as we have had much experience with these, and we can help you choose the best contractor to best fit your needs and will work along side them. 
CLE Brew Systems stands by our experience, high work standards and attention to detail. We will check on your process optimisation, efficiency and troubleshoot any concerns you may have.
We can create the most efficient and best layout of brewery, using the floor plan and the CAD drawing of our brew system, so that we can take into account everything from piping connections, to working space around the brewery, to room and utilities for future expansion. We know all about the process of brewing beer so we know what kind of things to look for when designing a great working brewery.
CLE Brew Systems has lots of experience in planning all things beer. We even make our own custom designed and specialised brewery equipment, such as:
Beer Fonts
Fermenter Bubblers
Rake Blades
Hop Baskets
Through the use of advanced technologies in design, engineering and fabrication, CLE Brew Systems manufactures highly innovative and superior crafted products. 
Once fabrication is complete and the system has been tested with water, your equipment is expertly wrapped and shipped to arrive on schedule at your premises, ready for quick installation with minimal downtime.
*Murray’s Craft installation included 8 x 40 foot containers and took 1 week from removing the old system to having the new system making beer.
Included in our time is teaching you how to use your system, and we can even get an experienced brewer to come and help you learn the in and outs of the brew system as well as their tricks and tips on making the most of the brew system. 
At CLE Brew Systems, our relationship does not end when your brewery has begun operation. We are available for support at any time after installation, and can provide any spare and replaceable parts many years down the track. Backed by our knowledgeable staff and friends, CLE Brew Systems will support you and your brewery as it grows. 
We have our own unique automation program so we can easily adapt it to your own unique brew system. This also means we can easily troubleshoot any problems that you have with the system, and some changes can even be done through the computer from our business.
CLE Craft Brewer Solutions
Our Brew Systems design is a combination of our collected experience of the needs of master craft brewer with stainless steel technology which gives you the ultimate beer making system. CLE has worked with many specialists in all areas relating to brewhouse operations, design and equipment supply, the combined knowledge of all of these people make CLE one of the best and most knowledgeable companies that will make you a brew system that will give your business the wow factor.
Our brewery equipment contains the best technology and is designed, engineered and manufactured for greatest efficiency, versatility and longevity. Some of the key features of our brew systems are:
Individual and compact skid frame system with three vessel
Simple and efficient catwalk and frame design consisting
of a three vessel layout
Optimized and flexible catwalk
Research brew system
Our smaller brew systems contain the features of the larger brew systems so that the beer made by both is as close as possible for a certain recipe. this allows you to produce beer in small quantity, such as testing out t new recipe, with the knowledge that making it in a larger brew system will produce the same beer.
Our small pilot and research brew system from 50 litres to 200 litres contains the unique features of a CLE 12 hectolitre brew system but enables you to brew on a smaller scale. This is great for those who want to brew small batched of beer, especial for research purposes or if you would like to brew small quantities of many different specialty beers.
Compact and Versatile Three Vessel Brew House
The most popular option for craft brewers, our 12HL brew system compromises a three vessel system on either a compact skid frame with catwalk or a frame with catwalk. With a winning combination of brew technology and stainless steel innovation, this brew system contains a mash/lauter tun, a hot liquor tank and a kettle/whirlpool as the three main vessels of the brew house. All of the valves and control systems are conveniently placed for ease of access for operation. Designed for crafting interesting beers, from fruit additions to fresh cone hops, this flexible system contains the best features that enable you to add many ingredients to your beer recipe that will help you make truly unique and individual beers. 
The base frame contains all related pumps, valves and components and most of the piping and wiring of the system is done before shipping which minimises installation and commissioning times.
Our compact 12HL system is perfect for craft brewers and will help you create many different award winning beers.
Optimised and Flexible
Beautifully presented brewhouse supplemented with amazing automation technology, our 25HL brew system is the next step up from the smaller sized 12HL brew system. We incorporate the best brewhouse equipment that gives you many control options such as lauter rake height, and supplement it with a unique and specialised automation program that gives you complete control over the brew process, from grain hopper to mash tun automated sequencing, fermenter progress graphing, to recipe and ingredients listing.
Our 25HL system is most popular with larger and expanding craft breweries who need the larger system to keep up with demand as many brews can be done
in one day. The automation technology not only gives you greater control over your brew process, but also allows a less labour intensive brew process so that more time can be spent on quality control. 
Our latest 25HL brew system had the following configuration: