We do it all, from custom design and fabrication, to installation and commissioning of your craft brew system. With over 30 years experience in the craft brewing industry, we have vast knowledge and experience of everything involving breweries.  Integrating current brewing technology and the innovative ideas of the many craft brewers we have worked with has led to the development of CLE producing award winning brew systems that make award winning beers. The NZ Champion Brewery of the year 2014 was won by Townshend’s CLE’s Brew System. If you have a dream of making great quality and unique craft beer, then CLE Brew Systems can help you make it a reality. We understand that every craft brewery will be different, so we will custom design your brew system to suit your needs so that you get exactly what you want.
At CLE Brew Systems you will be dealing with Chris the master craft brewery engineer,  throughout the whole project and he will help you on all things beer related, including;
Building design and layout  •  Utilities placement, e.g water and power  Refrigeration • Floors and drainage  •  Equipment sourcing • Bar dispensing system
We can help you on every level of development that will enable you to have a complete turn-key brew system that will produce great craft beer that everyone will love.
Manufacturing, Designing, Installing and Commissioning Brew Systems for over 30 years
CLE BREW SYSTEMS, who’s talents have served the brewing industry for over 30 years, is a leading company in craft beer innovation and design. CLE Brew Systems is based in Nelson,  the craft beer capital of New Zealand and we have many years of experience in the craft beer industry that will help you build the brewery of your dreams. 
We can help you with all aspects of designing your craft brewery, from building design and utilities placement, to bar planning and layout. We understand that making great beer is an art, and our extensive knowledge in all aspects of brewing will help you craft your way into the exponentially growing business.
CLE Brew Systems will work with you in the design to help you build a brewery like no other as we use only the best equipment and technology along with a design that is based with each of your individual requirements in mind. You then have the ability to design and craft any specialty beer you like from influencing flavours and aromas using the brew system technology, to additions of specialty ingredients like peaches and liquorice using customised brewery equipment. A CLE Brew System can do it all, helping you make unique beers that are individual and customised however you like, from peach pale ale to premium lagers.